Range and batteries charging


Up to 320 km on the Combined Circle and even further on Urban Cycle. Discover the New 500 Electric’s maximum range and driving modes.

Charging the Battery

You can charge the New 500 Electric both at home and at more than 140,000 public charging points in Europe.

My easy Charge

This service allows you to search and use public charging stations. Access is granted with an App or a card, which can be requested by registering.

My easyWallbox

A bluetooth-based control app for the easyWallbox allowing you to start or delay a recharge session, browse the charging history, and configure the wallbox.


Is the wallbox capable of fast charge in DC and if so, how long does it take?

No. The wallbox works only for AC domestic charge up to 7.4kW (around 6h for full charge) for the Easy Wallbox and 11kW (around 4h for full charge) for the smart connected wallbox (max charging power depends on Countries’ regulation). The fast charge in DC only exists out of home through public fast chargers, for which New 500 ?La Prima? is already equipped with the proper plug and recharging software. Fast charging takes about 5 minutes for the daily mileage (50km) and 35 minutes for 80% of full charge.

How fast does the charge work, at home and at public charge?

There are different charging options for the New 500, all of them are standard with ?la Prima? :
- Domestic charging (up to 3 kW AC) with a mode 2 charging cable– Timing from 0% to 100% charge: 15h15’
- Public charging (11 kW AC) with a mode 3 charging cable – Timing from 0% to 100% charge: 4h15’
- Fast Charge (85 kW DC) with cable already connected to charger – Timing for 80% charge: 35’ (35' time is not valid to recharge from 20% to 100%) with this solution you can charge your daily usage (50km) in 5 minutes.

How long is the Mode 3 Cable?

The cable is around 6m long.

What does Bluetooth connectivity on the Easy Wallbox mean?

Bluetooth Connectivity function of the Easy Wallbox allows the user to set the maximum power available to allow the dynamic load management, daily charging timer, data tracking (charging power/timing/duration), reboot, etc.

Is the wallbox sold together with the new Fiat 500and included in the price?

Yes, the Easy Wallbox will be included in the price of ‘La Prima’. This wallbox is a ‘plug&charge’ system with no requirement for professional installation for 2,3kW use. The Easy Wallbox is upgradeable to Mode 3, 7.4kW, allowing a full charge in around 6h.

Will you offer some special or additional services or packages, together with the wallbox?

The wallbox is included in the price of ?la Prima?, together with cable Mode 3 for public charging. Additional services will be disclosed at a later date in the year.

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