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The new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» will be the first small car to bring Level 2 Autonomous Driving, which means a superior level of safety in the urban mobility.
Your car will be your trusted co-driver: it will accelerate, brake and keep the lane autonomously.
The new forthcoming 500 ?La Prima? will be able to make your commute travels smoother in many ways. First of all, the car will read the road signs and suggest you what speed you should keep on that specific road. Then, once you’ll have set the speed and distance from the steering wheel buttons, the system will autonomously keep the distance from the vehicle that precedes you (when over 30 km/h) and it will stop when the traffic request it. Like a reliable co-driver, always at your side.
Purely indicative images. Vehicle sales are scheduled from October 2020
When you are over 60 km/h the new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? will recognize the lines of the road and autonomously keep you at the center of the lane, making travels safer and less stressful.
When maneuvering at low speed, you will not accidentally bump in a car or a brickwork any more. Under 13 km/h the 360° view-parking sensors with 11 sensors placed on the front, side and rear fascia of the new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima?, will detect any obstacle around the vehicle notify the driver of rear object proximity.
When driving faster between 15 km/h and 140 km/h the new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? will have a ultrasonic sensor able to detect object in the blind areas both on the side and on the rear of the car and will alert you with an acoustic signal and a light on the side mirror.
The rear view camera will transmit a high-resolution image of whatever is behind you with clarity and sharpness, directly on the new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? infotainment display. The image is projected with dynamic grid lines and a center line graphic adjusts guide paths as the steering wheel is turned, to aid customer perception of distance.
The new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? will brake automatically to avoid or mitigate collision with preceding vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, up to 130km/h of speed. At first, the car will just alert you with an acoustic and visual warning in the instrument cluster, and if the driver does not respond, the system break the vehicle helping the driver to avoid or mitigate potential impact
The new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? will help you to not accidentally fall asleep behind the wheel. The?system can detect the initial signs of fatigue by monitoring?lateral movements of the vehicle,?advising?the driver to?take a?break. A?visual and acoustic warning will be recorded on the instrument cluster.
The new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? will help you to prevent unwilling crossing the road lines, keeping you on track with an active action on the steering wheel and protecting yourself and others from dangers. When the function detects that the vehicle is about to unintentionally move out of the lane, it warns the driver by means of a visual, audible and haptic signal as steering wheel vibration, in order to counter steer accordingly.
In the event of a severe accident causing the deployment of the airbags, an automatic emergency call will be forwarded directly from a dedicated in-vehicle system of the new forthcoming 500 ?la Prima? to 112 European Emergency Number. Meanwhile your position and vehicle status will be immediately transmitted, to allow a faster rescue. Also, a sos button will be easily reachable in front of the interior rear mirror, to receive quick help in case of need.
Purely indicative images. Vehicle sales are scheduled from October 2020
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